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ویڈیو: جاگنگ کرتے ہوئے شخص نے سامنے سے آرہے کے سامنے ڈھکیل دیا

چونکا دینے والے ایک ویڈیو فوٹیج جس کو مارٹن پولیس نے اپنے سرکاری فیس بک پوسٹ پر شیئر کیا ہے جس میں دیکھایاگیا ہے کہ 30سال کی عمر کا ایک شخص سڑک پر سے گذر رہی خاتون کو جان بوجھ کر پیچھے سے آنے والی بس کے سامنے ڈھکیل رہا ہے۔

ویڈیو میں جس طرح دیکھائی دے رہا ہے کہ ایک شخص جو ہلکے بھورے رنگ کی ٹی شرٹ اور گہرہ اودے رنگ کی شارٹ پہنے ہوئے برج پر جاگنگ کررہا ہے جبکہ سڑک پر سے گاڑیاں گذر رہی ہیں۔ اسی دوران اس کے سامنے والی سمت سے ایک خاتون آتی ہے۔ اچانک مذکورہ شخص بازو ہٹاتا ہے اور اس عورت کو سڑک پر گرادتیا ہے۔]

Woman pushed in front of Bus – CCTV released.Police have released dramatic CCTV footage of the moment a jogger appeared to push a woman into the path of an oncoming bus in Putney.At about 07:40hrs on Friday, 5 May the 33-year-old victim was walking across Putney Bridge on the east side heading towards Putney Bridge Tube Station when a male jogger knocked her over into the road and into the path of an oncoming bus, which narrowly missed hitting her, swerving at the last minute.The bus stopped and some passengers got off and rushed to the her aid. Luckily, she only received minor injuries from the incident, which could have been clearly worse.About 15 minutes later the jogger came back the other way across the bridge. The victim tried to speak to him but he did not acknowledge her and carried on jogging.The jogger is described as a white man, aged early to mid 30s, with brown eyes and short brown hair. He was wearing a light grey t-shirt and dark blue shorts.Officers are appealing for any witnesses to the incident or anyone who recognises the jogger in the CCTV to get in touch.Sergeant Mat Knowles, the investigating officer from Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle."We are keen to speak to the jogger in the CCTV about what happened that morning. We would urge him or anyone who recognises him to get in touch with us as soon as possible."Anyone with information or any witnesses are asked to call Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team on 020 8785 8874 or 101 or tweet @MetCC.Information can also be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at

Posted by Merton Police on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

اس حادثہ میں سڑک پر گرنے والی خاتون کو کوئی چوٹ نہیں پہنچی کیونکہ وقت رہتے بس ڈرائیور نے بس کا رخ موڑ دیااور عورت کو بچالیا۔اگر بس ڈرائیور مستعدی نہیں دیکھتا تو بہت حد تک ممکن تھا کہ خاتون بھی برسرموقع ہی ہلاک ہوجاتی