IT Engineer Boy
Saudi Arabia Family Viza Sunni Muslim Boy age 30yrs, ht. 5′-11″ B.Tech, Good Looking, working in Saudi Arabia with Family Visa looking for beautiful Graduate/ B.Tech Girl from Educated family . Contact: Ph.

US Citizen, MBBS,
Nagpur-Pursuing MD

Sunni Muslim Boy, Age 30 (1992) Education- MBBS, Nagpur MD Internal Medicine (2nd Year Residency) in Progress(LMC). Legal Status- US Citizen, Height 5′-11″, Ethnicity, Indian Religious about me, I prefer to keep things simple to avoid ambiguilty. Deen is Very Important to me, and i am constantly striving to become a better Muslim, I enjoy the outdoors and sports, as well as history and science. Because I enjoy learning new things and I am a foodie. I am Teaching myself how to cook, Fitness and health are two more things that I value. Looking for a Girl, Age 23-27 A Girl who has Strong ties with indian culture, preferably who have recently moved to the States. I am Looking for a Partner who actively takes care of her Deen, Someone who is loving, Caring and responsible towards herself and my family. A Well-read Girl who uses her education to strike a positive balance without jeopardizing the future of her family send Profile on Email:

SM Boy 28Yrs, Ht 5′-5″, Very Fair, MBA working in MNC (Google). Seeking for good nature and well manners, any Graduate Girl. Cont: